Cool trends from the north / Kalla trender från norr

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Back to nature, venom, natured inspired colors, biocides, pharmaceutical, and finding the soul in a product are important for this new season. We are finding heritage, memories and stories to be important again.

Some of these trends are found in products from Lulea based Annika Brannstrom, Lapland Wild Design and Skelleftea born designer Lina Huring.

Annika Brannstrom works in an area far removed from the glamorous areas in the big cities. This applies to more than mere geography. She is in sync with the future and her views on product design are more tuned into environmental awareness, craftsmanship and spiritual guides. She works from a little shed that she has transformed into a workshop in Bergnaset, a suburb to Lulea. She takes reindeer horns, leather and Swarovski crystals and creates new modern pieces with roots in her childhood. Her pieces are intricate, robust and graceful all mixed into beautiful candelabra, jewelry or chandeliers. Meanwhile she works with a regular job as a SOS emergency operator.

Lapland Wild Design

Lapland Wild Design


Skelleftea born designer Lina Huring makes unique witty designs that tell a story. Her pieces often are created with questions about the human body, pain and esthetics. Lina’s first furniture collection will be shown at Stockholm furniture fair 2010 this coming February. Her designs are a mix of beauty and a new normal, sometimes perceived as disgust. Very Cool. Here are some of her current pieces. Looking forward to her new furniture collection in February. Until then Good Luck!

Huring design Fox

Huring Design Hurt

Huring design Vesuvio Traytable

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