Final notes for 2009

The fall has been busy for us at the office @arctictrend. We have been doing trend speaches, trend seminars, Trend and Future workshops and new product development. We have picked up some new clients and teamplayers to collaborate with. This means that our clients do believe in the future and wants to be ahead of their competition. Thanks to our new customers for believing in us. Because of this we are looking to expand our team this spring 2010. This fall we got our new intern Calilla and she has made her first blog ever.We are very proud of her. Pls. visit her blog here at calilla. More on the progress at arctic Trend will be coming soon. We are still working on the release for our first Colour trendbooks “arctic Trend Colours”. The first will be out 2010. Also new this fall: arctic Trend Future Workshops in collaboration with Ord & Handling. I want to go back a little in time and revisit the last trendseminar with Viewpoint.. Why? Because some of us think that the recession is over. To survive in the very next couple of months we do need to start invest in the future. Why is future trend forecasting important some of you might ask… This is a great example and will explain why it is good to be prepared. One more time, the fifth time… Viewpoint with David Shah. Future trends on hotels, cars and lifestyle with Viewpoint – Martin Raymond. Viewpoint Martin Raymond

Todays colours are… xoxox

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