Napapiiri jeans handmade in Lapland

Napapiiri jeans / Style Kiruna

We are awaiting the new delivery of Napapiiri Jeans collection. Napapiiri Jeans is Handmade luxury made in Lapland. All materials are natural like wool, most of it is recycled. “Ecological Luxury, Ecolux cause we respect mother nature.” The whole collection is upcycled (recycling by upcycling) and handmade in Lapland. 

Napapiiri jeans / Style Nellim

  “Lapporten” in the background. 

Napapiiri Jeans / style Pallas

Napapiiri Jeans

Napapiiri jeans

More on Napapiiri jeans /Duohtavuotha. 

Napapiiri Jeans are sold at arctictrend exclusive boutique.

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