Eyelashes SS2010 at Margit Brandt

I just love this white Tee by Margit Brandt for SS2010. 


The eyelashes are  fantastic. 

Margit Brandt SS2010


This blouse is a must have, as well as the classic colour combination white and light beige. Or white and black. We see another Spring ahead with smart details and comfortable silhouettes. 

Margit Brandt’s new collection is called “Deilicate Graphics”. 

Margit Brandt SS2010


Margit started her business in 1966 and soon became internationally recognized in the fashion industry. The new collection has the respect for the present fit and choice of materials while also being nostalgic, soulful, authentic, retro and absolutely original. The new collection is all about reinvention and redefining details from the designers universe of the 60’s and 70’s. 

Margit Brandt SS2010


The collection for SS2010 is a perfect mix between the casual and informal. Credit to Margit Brandt 


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