Stockholm Fashion Week AW2010

SFW AW 2010

Stockholm Fashion Week åsitas AW2010

Rock Chic, Sexy soft skin, creative construction, wild and natural were some of the trends at Stockholm Fashion Week AW2010. Black, greys, gold, silver and white were highlighted with darker muted colours and strong colour highlights. Cowboy a´la americas and lumberjacks are mixed together in a new way. Denim with romantic details, rough fabrics for a sturdy endurance with Indian ethnical details. 

Fall 2010 season with lots of leggings paired with larger silhouettes on top. Raglan sleeves, drop shoulders and kimonostyled sleeves. The vest is still strong this season worned with a white tee or a large white shirt.

I love the knitted grey vest with details like cable knits and decorated knitted backs. Highlights of colours in accessories decorated with studs. 

Stockholm Fashion Week 2010


Stockholm Fashion Week 2010

SFW AW2010

Alexander Mcqueen

Fashion Trends from SFW AW2010

Alexander Mcqueen

I liked the fall collection from Margit Brandt. Here´s a peak preview.  


Margit Brandt AW2010

Jofama had help from guest designer Lars Wallin.  

Lars Wallin / Jofama

Laila Bagge had made another rock chic collection with the new brand Rock by Sweden. Prints are made by a famous Swedish Tattoo artist.  

RockbySweden AW2010

The very first Birdman street wear collection was at SFW. I talked to the founder Jari Kuosma. He told me the story behind this new collection. 

Birdman AW2010

Birdman AW2010

Birdman Inc. Oy is the original wingsuit manufacturer and known skydiving brand. Birdman started by introducing the modern wingsuit to the masses. Jari cherish the fun loving philosophy of skydivers and he is passionate about skydiving. The collection was born out of respect to peers from the past. Daredevils and adventurers of the sky. The Birdman Heritage Collection draws inspiration from legendary birdmen and women, Charles Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart, Leo Valentin among others. Details like metal parts familiar to skydiving, such as grommets and hooks, are used on garments to complete the Birdman look and feel. More of Birdman

Bird-Man Heritage

At Bomullsbörsen I found these lovely cowboy inspired clogs from Dala Clogs. An instant favorite. Love the cowhide as well as the cool vintage clog with studs. All clogs are handmade in sweden and made out of swedish wood and leather. More on Dala Clogs.  

Dala Clogs Handmade in Sweden

Dala Clogs

Love the blue boots from Beak Boots.  


Camilla Wellton was one of the new designers that I chatted with. Here are some peeks of her lovely collection that is couture and made to order and in lovely fabrics like bamboo, wool, moleskin and organic cottons. She was also one of designers that were showing collections at the sustainable fashion show at Creative Collective.  

Camilla Wellton AW2010Camilla Wellton AW2010

Camilla Wellton

Fall Fashion 2010 mixes urban with country, sporty with dressed up, casual awith tailored.  

Enjoy /a 

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