Local, slow and sustainable fashion.

What else can you ask for in fashion? The growth of local fashion is refreshing especially when using local materials. As for us in the arctic that means a lot of wool, fur and reindeer horns but also other interesting materials like paper and wood. We don’t yet grow our own cotton or bamboo, but we do have a lot of other materials and we recycle a lot. Upcycling materials are a blast, made a new dress out of upcycled and very sustainable materials that I am planning to wear this coming Friday at the Balla Boll Brudar Eventet / Lulea basket team is celebrating 30 years. Details will be braided and pleated. Colours are dark blue and black. And the dress is locally produced. 🙂 

Another cool trend in fashion now is to donate part of your profit to a charity. 

E&KO donates 50 % of their profit to the firefighters charity. So when buying one of these totes or belts you to are part of doing good. They are made from old fire hoses used in the english fire department. Cool accessories like cardholders, belts and bags in a true up cycle spirit. 

E&KO Tote

E&KO Tote


E&KO cardholder

 images: E&KO 

At arctic trend you can also buy accessories made from fire hoses used by the local Lulea fire departments. 


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