Happiness is…

Swedish hasbeens SS2010

…Swedish hasbeens clogs for spring 2010 Love these Navy blue Jodhpur. “Great thing never die”

Check out Sarah Jessica Parker in these black high heeled  Jodhpur.

Sara Jessica Parker in Swedish hasbeens

Image Source:  Swedish hasbeens newsletter 2010.

…All the new fantastic clothes by Anna Angseryd, Patouf in our arctic trend boutique.

…Sipping a cup of tea and chat with the rest of the girls here at arctic. Sorry boys you were out and about today. J is still in Paris getting inspired and taking pictures. (We are looking forward to see the pictures.)

…Watching the sun on the icicles right outside our windows. Looks like crystals.

…Feeling inspired being back at the office after a long sport holiday with the kids. with aching legs  from skiing and playing around in the snow.

…Reading Millas blogg after a hectic day at work.

Todays quote.

”What will endure
is what is uniquely
– Jennifer Leonard


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