Another day at work

The sun was shining today through our workspace. We were all busy, I was stuck most of the day at the computer, this afternoon (evening) I was trying out some of the cool tools of Google sketch up for a prototype we´re making for a client. I like it!

Milla was busy taking pictures, styling and making new products. Mir was making firehose belts and Murzik was taking a nap. 🙂 J came by and Annika too. Nice new accessories from hemp..

..I did not get a chance to get close to the camera but if you want some picture proof check out Millas blog.

Thinking about farm of the future and realized that Urpo Taskinen was here in Lulea today at Rotary. For you who have no idea who he is, He´s from Jouksengi, a biologist at Swedish Society for Nature Conservation and Owner, Naturmedia UT.

This was just another sunny day at arctic… heard that it was sunny in Kiruna as well..

photo by Milla @arctictrend

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