we love Corian

”Smart-ologic Corian Living” Inredningsnyheter´s newsletter was a joy to read this morning. If you haven’t yet I can recommend it for inspiration this very grey Friday. Where is the sun?

source: Nordisk interiör

We love Corian because of the Sustainability, abilities and design. DuPont ™ Corian ® is an advanced and exclusive composite material. ”Smart-ologic Corian Living” is a new industrial project by DuPont Corian, and Karim Rashid. They will present ”Smart-ologic Corian Living” in April during the design week/ Milan.

These 3D walls by Dupont would really make our workspace more designed.

3D by dupont source: Nordisk interiör

Look at this sculptured sink for bathrooms. Inspired by nature.

Dune by Omvivo / Source: Nordisk Interiör

Dune by Omvivo

Corian is not a new material its been used for over 40 years (43) but now we are finally seeing great design using this fantastic composite material. This Candelabra by Piers Mansfield-Scadden was made 2007 “Inspired by the delicacy of paper lanterns and the intimacy of candlelight”.

Candelabra by Piers Mansfield-Scadden (Fly-Pitcher)

Le Vase by Christian Ghion

Le Vase by Cristian Ghion inspired by the  organic universe, where empty spaces have the same importance as full spaces.

Read more at Inredningsnyheter

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