A little birdie told you…

I was reading about Paul Coudamys Swollen on Feber. Lotta Madetoja was writing a fun article about his swollen wall.  Very cutting edge innovative workspace workplace design. What caught my interest for Paul Coudamy was his cardboard office.

Paul Coudamy Cardboard office

Paul Coudamy

Photographs by Benjamin Bocass.

Industrial cardboard as shelves, the lights are made out of umbrellas. Kind of magic against the industrial walls. The cool thing about Coudamy is that he launched the cellulose meeting pod concept last year, using honeycomb cardboard. This is an extra confidential meeting space that you can simply order an unfolded kit. assemble it and place it where it suits best. You are able to plug this meeting space on wheels. Love it!

Here how the meetings spaces can look like.

Paul Coudamy

image source: igreenspot

Here is the link to Hemfeber by Lotta Madetoja. Enjoy/a

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