Braided, wired, pleated and keeping it real Spring 2010

Secret Clubhouse chair by Danish Designstudent Martin Vallin

M'Afrique Cafe chair for Moroso

Tattu collection by Stephen Burks

New Yorker Stephen Burks has been searching for authenticity has led him to work with artisans in the developing world. The blurring of art and design and a connection to culture is very interesting. People getting interested by people is really about keeping it real. The urge to feel the connection to either people or culture or the material is an urge that has been following us here at arctic  lately. That is why we have been braiding and braiding and feeling the materials in new ways. Mixing new materials in new ways. The urge to do so led us to our braids.

photo my millatrend

Pleats Sofa by Stephen Burke for Modus (2007)


Cool interior at L’eclaireur, Paris. This  is such a cool concept store owned by  fashion connoisseur Armand Hadida and his wife Martine. They are also owners of Tranoi which is a french tradeshow.

L'eclaireur, Paris

L'eclaireur, Paris

Not like any other store L’eclaireur mixes art, luxury and technology together in a new way. The walls are made out of cartons, wood, aluminium, polystyrene. It looks handmade and upcycled in an attractive and interesting way.

So keep it real and mix it up because we might be searching for truth. What do you think?

Nous aimons l’authenticité/a

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