The Royal 2010

This past year Swedes has been preparing for the Royal event 2010. The wedding between our princess Victoria and Daniel.  New designer products has been created by companies like Ingela & Vi. V+D=True. 

ingela och vi


Ingela and Vi, the designer duo Elisabeth Månsson and Peter Turkalj, has been doing great illustrations since 2004. We love their Motto: Why kill your darlings? Check out more from ingela och vi. 

For you who doesn’t already know the date, the wedding between Crown Princess Victoria, and Mr. Daniel Westling will take place Saturday, June 19, 2010 in the Great Church in Stockholm. 

Crown Princess Victoria, and Mr. Daniel Westling thus follows a long tradition in the Bernadotte family to make June 19 a memorable day. Planning for the wedding continues under the direction of wedding coordinator, the head of HM The King’s Military Staff, Major General Hakan Pettersson. ” 

Another artist doing something for the wedding is Benny Andersson who is also writing a song for the occasion. (ABBA) 

Get ready – for the royal wedding year 2010. 


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