Milan Design Week 2010

 THE FRAGILE COLLECTION is a collection of unique objects designed by three swedish designers Lina Huring, Maria Johansson and Helena Svensson. The Fragile collection is showing during the Milan Design Week. Vases, lamps and tables are inspired by the antique, the balance of form and the trophys we collect. Exhibition at T35/ Nhow Hotel – Via Tortona 35, Milan from 14th -19th April.
Lina met Maria at the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2007. They are both based in Stockholm and have been working with H&M, Skultuna, Källemo, Stockholm City, Front, among others. Lina and Maria are part of the design collective HEADOFFICE in Stockholm.

Maria Johansson, Lina Huring, Helena Svensson


 Our favorite piece is the Trophy table designed by Lina Huring. The little porcelain table is something in between a decorative object and a table. Like a trophy, shiny and cold with hand painted decor that tells stories of adventures in the deep forest.  

Trophytable by Huring



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