Become a swedish..

photo cred: swedish hasbeens

…hasbeens. Ok, I am getting a flashback to the 70´s. Clogs and knits were favorites growing up during the 70´s. Striped tops, tight jeans, short, short skirts, big belts, short haircuts on girls and long hair on guys. I used to have a pair of high-heeled clogs looking like the Grease sky-high.

Swedish hasbeens in the press

And, Yes, I used to watch Grease and imitate ABBA. A pair of lace up boots like these would fit the look perfect, and yes they are really delicious, shoes can be. During the 70’s Milla was not born nor any of my kids. So I have to enjoy my flashbacks alone here at arctic but hopefully there are more of you out there who actually did live during this era… Soon the snow will be melted here in the arctic, at arctic, and we will put on our braided sky highs.. We can’t wait. Before then we will be able to enjoy a last weekend in the ski slopes up at Riksgränsen. Someone was spotted with an arctic trend Tee in Riksgränsen the past week. For more or if you want to upload your fan pictures check out our arctic trend facebook group.

More on our weeks at arctic at Millatrend


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