Folkdräkt 2.0

Trendspotting 2.0. Thanks to Photographer Fredrik Broman, this trendspotting just arrived. Fredrik was on his way to Torsby, Sweden, when he called from his mobile.

Svenska Turistforeningen has a competition for folkdrakt 2.0. STF (Svenska Turistföreningen) is turning 125 years old and want to celebrate it by giving Sweden 25 new costumes, one for each province. By taking the popular and historical heritage into the present and future Sweden. Therefore, STF has invited  promising designers to be involved in developing the new Swedish folk costumes. And the two designers competing for Lapland and Norrbotten, our regions, are Anna Svensson for Lapland and Karoline Pettersson for Norrbotten.

Anna Svensson

Karoline Pettersson

2.0  is a costume contest where you can follow a few selected designers during their travel through Sweden. A journey that leads to 25 new updated costumes. The winning entry will be a wedding gift to Princess Victoria and her Daniel. You can vote for your favorite and follow the last 21 days until final at Svenska Turistforeningen. More Fredrik Broman.

Thanks Fredrik.


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