Offpist, sunshine and fashion

We just got back from a long weekend in Rikgränsen. Three words Offpist /Sunshine /fashion. Lots of snow, fantastic food, Spa and afterski. Ski fashion looks were spotted everywhere from the slopes to the afterski. Retro looks with inspiration from both the 70’s and the 80’s.

A lot of today’s ski-wear designers are going back to closing the gap between slopes and streetwear. This was true watching all the brightly colored skiers against that white backdrop. The retro styles, DayGlo palettes and retro patterns evoked the 80s mania that gripped the fashion world a few years ago. And in this fantastic setting with snow and sunshine it was 100 procent “loving it”.

My personal favorites were overalls from Norrona, Salomon, (Salomon Conspiracy One Piece Suit), and onepiece.

Sunday spring arrived, small waterfalls poured off the cliffs, clear blue sky, T-shirts and shorts were spotted in the slopes.

My face was red like a lobster this morning, with perfect ski goggle marks. How to match that with a fashion stylish look? I should have worned “onepiece” with goggles today at the office.


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