One thought on “The 2010 shopper

  1. Hi, eller hej!

    My name is Janina Blomberg and both I and my co-founder of Lucky Ellen have our roots in the arctic part of Sweden. More exactly Kiruna/Luleå and Piteå. We got really excited when we found your site through Swedish Hasbeens.

    In the middle of our “ordinary carreers” we decided to do what we really longed for – start our own company and brand. This year we launched Lucky Ellen in Sweden. We both saw a lack of special lovable fashion for our own girls when they had passed the toddler-stage. So we started it ourselves.

    Please take a look at our web site and perhaps you could be interested in some sort of cooperation with us?! We are looking for the right type of contacts and you certainly feel like one! Perhaps you would like to sell our brand or maybe we could collaborate in some other way.

    Kind regards
    Janina Blomberg

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