A cup of green tea and…

Having a cup of green tea. This is what my desk view is right now.

my desk right now

Yesterday I was at creativesummit in Skellefteå listening to speakers like Brian Solis  /Futureworks, Clemens Dopjans /Adidas, Peter Espersen /LEGO, Mattias Fjellström /Direktörn & Fabrikörn, David Eriksson /North Kingdom and moderator was Alf Rehn. Inspiration overload was the key word. Many memorable words were said some of the twitter stream at creative summit yesterday:

Hello world #lego printer on Youtube #creativesummit

“Lego fans, are fans of the product, not of the company” – Peter Espersen, Lego group #creativesummit

“How can a company be proud of creating their own fanpage on facebook? That’ s unsocial behaviour!#creativesummit @alfrehn

“social media brings a feminine approach into communications” @alfrehn #creativesummit

“branded storytelling, finding the embryo of the story which hits the heart, not the head” David Eriksson North Kingdom #creativesummit

“Context is king” @briansolis #creativesummit

“Engage outside of your domains” – @briansolis #creativesummit

Unfortunately I was not there today due to way too much work.

But here are some words said today at twitter:

“Great ideas can’t be tested. Only mediocre ideas can be tested.” @odannyboy quoting George Lois at #CreativeSummit

“Emotion is almost always connected to the small details” @odannyboy #creativesummit

“Design is about cultural invention” – Jack Schulze @odannyboy #creativesummit

Now I am going to have another cup of tea and getting back to work. It’s only 8 pm and the sun is still up.

If you want to read an interview with Brian Solis in swedish click here.

I can agree that there were more men than women at creative summit. Is there not as many women working in this field?

What do you think?


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