A decade of change…

It is very interesting to be in this time as we are right now… A decade of change. I agree that it sometimes can be uncomfortable and challenging but also very refreshing, inspiring and energizing.

A global trend briefing by Christopher Sanderson

some of the trends that he lifts are

refocus on lean




Less is more

Fewer but better

The beginnings of a slowdown of consumption.

This reminds me about a quote by Sante Poromaa that was written in the issue 9 David report April 2008

In the future luxury goods will be methods that brings us back the power of our own attention: the power to choose ourselves what we want to notice or not. And there lies the true luxury of the future, to be able to resist shopping and still be happy.” Sante Poromaa

Sante Poromaa was born in 1958 in Kiruna.

“Becoming aware of the present  is everything” Sante Poromaa

Local and hi-tech= location based

Consumer driven change

Global Trend Briefing by  Martin Raymond

“Think the unthinkable….”

“re-write the rules” Martin Raymond

Remember that we own our happiness and our destiny.


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