After beach hours

Sitting here at the office/store/creative space thinking about our first after beach shopping evening, which is today. Feels a little nervous because we are trying out this concept to see if people want to shop at the convenient hour between 6-8 pm. Since this part of the world has a very short summer you would think that most of us want to enjoy it. We sat down and ask around to see when our customers would like to shop. We have no idea if this will be a hit or a miss. Instead of staying open during the day we will only be open 2 days a week during the evenings.  It’s a little nervous to see if this will be a hit or a miss. What you think?

Do you want new shopping experiences? What event or experience would you want to have while shopping? What is your ultimate shopping like?

Today we unpacked a new delivery of Swedish hasbeens. Natural Braided sky highs and we really love them.

We also have a new a-bag. For shopping groceries, carry your laptop in, packing your picnic for the beach or simply an everyday tote.

Today was not a beach day, rainy and cloudy. But it was a good evening to do some shopping.

Store updates: Left are 5 pairs of natural braided highs, 4 pairs of pink and 5 pairs of chocolate and lots of fantastic summer clothes and accessories.


more about trends in swedish at millatrend


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