Garden 2010 Muted palette with a variety of greens.

A muted palette.

Lately due to summer holiday I have been spending a lot of time at the beach and in my garden. This years new additions are some decorative grass. More than previous years.  I’ve been looking at stones, structures and vertical options. Mainly because we have a lot of kids running around in our garden and the grass areas are taking a real beating. As a matter of fact the main grass area is no longer covered with grass. I have been thinking about how to get our garden more functional, sturdy, child friendly and adding some interesting structure like a high wall or a new  “room” in the garden. A defined space, much like  a pavilion. I realize the importance of managed green spaces. Green gardens that offers relaxation and security to stressed humans. Is this because I feel much more relaxed while spending time there?

As a matter of fact between reading a good book or two I have been resting my eyes of the many possibilities of a garden and what purpose that it actually offer.

Me and the children take our  refuge there. And all the children in our neighborhood like to play there. We have anywhere between 8-12 kids running around playing hide and seek,  soccer, water games and God knows what. This do put a new perspective into garden design and a design that offers sanctuary to different ages. I have to rethink.

Maybe I’ll make a path out of some broken concrete pots… I do need a sturdy path and I do prefer it to be in a muted grey palette. Different shades of grey. An area made out of concrete, stones and sand would be nice.

purple, yellow and pinks & silver-grey.

concrete and decorative grass.


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