A room in the trees

Inside the cabin

The opening of the Treehotel was a really nice happening. The view from inside the cabin and mirrorcube was really nice.


The view from the cabin

The architect behind the cabin is MÅRTEN CYRÉN, Cyrén & Cyrén. The cabin is 24 m2

and has a double bed, a toilet and a terrace.


inside the mirrorcube

The architect behind the mirrorcube is Tham & Videgård Arkitekter, Martin Videgård & Bolle Tham.

The room is 4x4x4 meter, and can accommodate 2 people,  it has a double bed, and a roof terrace.


inside the mirror cube

The tree that holds up the mirror cube is visible on the inside. The ladder leads up to the roof terrace.


The mirrorcube

Every room will have one of these.

A beautiful and smart way of washing your hands. The bottle holds 3 liter of fresh water that fills up by the staff, the used water is then collected by the staff every day.

The toilets are using no plumbing they simply heat up the waste and leaves only ash. Environmental values lie at heart of the design for each Tree House.

More about the bird’s nest.



The path to the treehotel from Britta's Pensionat.

The opening was packed with people as well as the parking lot.


"The parking is jam packed"

The check in is at Britta’s Pensionat which holds a nice restaurant where you enjoy your breakfast, lunch or dinner.


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