Form does not follow function…

Interesting structures are always eye-catching. This time both our eyes and hearts were caught. The story behind this very special building was as interesting as the building itself.

The architects : SUBARQUITECTURA ( Andrés Silanes + Fernando Valderrama + Carlos Bañón) took as a point of reference works of engineering, motorway intersections, changes of direction. The result is the literal construction of a diagram. In this instance, form does not follow function, but is instead function itself. Cyclical movement, routine and surprise turn into a way of living. The 360 house has the form of a loop, 360º.

An extreme shape, the house is curved, generating the greatest quantity of linear meters towards the good views. At the midpoint, a mediatheque, isolated and completely dark, 100% technology, 0% landscape.

With a single gesture two ways of moving are generated: going down and looking outwards.

A building that is black outside, absorbent, of slate, a material specific to the location, almost imposed as an aesthetic specification of the area. White inside, reflective, generic, neutral and luminous. Life incorporates colour, outside with the vegetation and inside with the people.

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We love

360 House Photographs: David Frutos Ruiz (

Structural design: Subarquitectura (

Photographs: David Frutos Ruiz (

Surface area: 385 m2


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