Unique tram stop that “transforms” into two giant lamps

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Tram Stop

Some interesting facts:

Sergio Cardell Plaza. Alicante. SPAIN


Andrés Silanes Calonge                                             30-09-1977  (29 años)

Carlos Bañón Blázquez                                               26-10-1978 (28 años)

Fernando Valderrama Garre                                       13-08-1977 (28 años)

5 months designing

4 months prefabrication

3 months executing

Each of the pieces has:

800 holes, in 5 different sizes:

440 diameter 10 cm

240 diameter 20 cm

80 diameter 30 cm

24  diameter 40 cm

12 diameter 50 cm

25 ton of steel

32 access paths

Alicante is a 400.000 inhabitants city of the southeast mediterranean spanish coast.  Over the last years,  there has been building a new tram infrastructure, using the old rails of the local train. This line connects all the towns of the coast, ending in Denia, a northern city of the province, where ships departure to Ibiza. This stop, is the central stage of a new line of the tram, that links the centre of the city to the residential areas of San Juan beach. The construction of the Tram Stop was the opportunity to bring back a stolen space to the city: to turn a traffic circle into a public space.

Through a fractal access system deformed in each side to avoid the existing trees, the travellers can arrive in a frontal way to the platform in 32 different possibilities.

Over the platforms, 2 empty boxes (36 m long, 3 m wide, 2,5 m high) create a floating void slightly over the travellers’ heads.

It matches the size of the train, creating an intermediate scale between buildings and urban elements.

It is an isotropic material in both conception and construction. The holes reduce the weight as increase the resistance to normal tensions, and equally decrease wind pressures among the surfaces.

Light and air pass through, smoothing the shadow and generating a soft breeze in summer months.

At night the boxes are transformed into two giant lamps.

Benches are spread over the garden close to the vegetation and the paths, creating a public place.

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