Our thoughts and inspiration this past week


This past week was really busy here at arctic. Sandra was at arctic this week. She studies technical design in Pitea. We would have loved her to stay a couple more weeks, but she had to get back to her studies this coming Monday.

We finished another deadline on a product development this week. Tuesday we were at Lulea Technical University (LTU) for a discussion on Sustainability. Which for most of us is no longer a choice, nor a trend. Sustainability is a social, ethical, environmental,economical and lifestyle necessity. Since we are all part of this we can control the impact we as individuals have on the environment. Through our lifestyle we can manage our human consumption of resources, which is based largely on information gained from economics. Do we gently borrow or do we destroy? Taking responsibility is a big part of sustainability, making sure we are managing our impact. Because Sustainability is also a call to action, a task in progress or journey. Do we respect nature, universal human rights, economic justice and peace?

We also have been talking about different materials, mainly because we are working with product development at the moment. The Barents region has been in focus as well as colours. The planning continues for the upcoming events in 2011.

Now some inspiration from Murmansk. Lovely pictures from Designer Alexandra Gapanovich.

The fashion designer: Alexandra Gapanovich
Make-up: Irina Shmidt
Hairdress: Arina Belyaeva
Model: Tatyana Lovchova.
Photographer:Mitya Sumerin

Wella Trend Vision 2010

Wella trend vision 2010



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