futurestuff and other things on my mind right now…

We all know about this constant talk about the future…. The younger generations are our future. So when talking about future trends we can look at the generations that will be part of the future. For example if you want to attract consumers in the future.. look at the younger generations and then predict what they might like when they are older. It is not harder than that, really. So why do a lot of companies fail then? Because you always have to look at the whole picture, and a little beyond.. Aaaaah. I knew it was a catch.

I know it is fall and all of a sudden we get back to our work mode, get glued to our computers and think that just by surviving the day or the week we are going to be alright. We need much more than that, especially if we want to stay on top of things. Everybody wants to predict the future.  The best way to predict the future is to create it… The future is in our hands, literally. Instead of trying to understand the future be a part of it instead. Meet you there.

I know it’s fall. Let’s get inspired.



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