Backstage at Heart of Lovikka

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I went backstage at the Tornedalsparty (Tornedals festival) at Culture House, Lulea.

Heart of Lovikka was participating together with the Husmodersforeningen in the Tornedals Festival at the Culture House. While tango, opera and new hip bands were playing onstage the models prepared backstage before the show. Most of the spoken language during the evening was Meänkieli. A language spoken mostly in Tornedalen. Meänkieli (Meänkieli for “our language”) is a Finno-Ugric language, closely related to Finnish, spoken in several municipalities in northern Sweden. There is an official minority language in Sweden.

The models and of course representative from Husmodersforeningen, Lovikka:

Sofia Hagelin, founder of heart of Lovikka was there to take a last look.

“I think this curiosity in our cultural history is rooted in that people are tired of short-lived trends, consumerism and stress. We are longing for solid things, security, and products with a story. That is probably why northern traditions feels so right”. Sofia Hagelin, founder of Heart of Lovikka

Heart of Lovikkas beautiful knitwear is inspired from the century old knitting tradition in Lovikka, a village in Northern Sweden within the Arctic Circle. In 2010 Heart of Lovikka has been nominated for the Rookie of the Year Award, by the Swedish Fashion Council.

Sofia Hagelin (left)


Models: Lisa Mårtensson, Eva Törmää, Marina Lahti, Marika Savikuja, Cecilia Gatenheim, Sophie Erlandsson, Karine Jonsson, Sandra Sundelin, Nina Bramberg, Berit Roth, Saila Alavaara

Lovikka Husmodersförening: Anita Molin

Photo: Annkathrin Lundqvist

Shoes: Swedish hasbeens & Beak boots 

I got caught on camera, chatting with Nina. (Photo: Sofia Hagelin)


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