Telling your own story…

Looking at some pictures of Jamie Hayon right now.. dressed as a clown, a bunny, in a robe and different very colourful clothes. And I really like this guy just looking at all his different poses. Not to mention his Fantasy collection for Lladró.

I know that Li Edelkoort wrote long time ago: …in a continuous trend from winter to summer, enchanted fairytales and narrative illustration influence the design of clothes and accessories. Imagination reigns in the development of children’s book dresses, fairytale colours and magical materials all telling their own story of marvel and wonder.

What fascinates me about Jamie is that he doesn´t care what others think. He is just simply 100 % creativity. He tells his own story. And it is not liked by everyone, how can a story be?

Jamie Hayon always work on a million things at the same time… Ideas come to him quickly, and he like to act on them straight away. Those who work alongside him can’t help but become fired up by his passion. And he dare to admit that he has no idea where he gets his inspiration from. How many of us do know exactly where we get our inspiration? Usually it just comes to us if we allow it to. It is really a funny question to ask the more i think about it. At least I don’t ask my kids when the come home from kindergarden or school with a drawing, some artwork or a written story… Oh and where did you get your inspiration from?

The other night my youngest son asked a question that was totally out of the blue and really interested how on earth he came up with the question I asked him to tell me…and he want back the whole thread to where the idea came from… and it was an interesting loop of different thoughts that had no relations to each other and for some strange reason I could relate to how very non related thoughts and ideas can somehow become a whole new thought with no explanation how… Inspiration comes to us, as well as new ideas, new stories and thoughts. If only we let them.

And jamie Hayon tells his own story no matter if we like it or not…

I like.


More Jamie Hayon at Hayon Studio.

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