What is happening right now…

It is soon dark outside. This time of year it is light for about 5-6 hours a day. The skies are really beautiful with lots of colours both day and night.  I’m getting ready to pick up my oldest son from school while the youngest is still sick. First he had the flu and now he has stomach flu… Not fun.

Today I was in Älvsbyn,  having a lunch speech. Was driving a VW Golf Variant Diesel anno 2011… I didn’t now they were released yet. Lovely heavenly blue metallic colour and great to drive. And it was both freezing outside -21 C in Älvsbyn and slippery roads.

A brand new magazine is launched tomorrow in  Luleå called Nöjestidningen by Innankrogen AB. also owners to innankrogen.se. It is a great way to keep updated with what´s happening in Luleå and the cities around us.

Ny nöjestidning i Luleå lanseras imorgon.
Innankrogen AB, företaget bakom nöjesportalen innankrogen.se, startar nu en tidningsanpassad version av webbplatsen. Magasinet, som heter Nöjestidningen, är en gratistidning som visar att det är attraktivt att bo och leva i Luleå med omnejd.

Quote of the day…

“People can foresee the future only when it coincides with their own wishes, and the most grossly obvious facts can be ignored when they are unwelcome.”
– George Orwell, 1945


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