My mothers grandmother

During my childhood I used to hear stories told about my mothers grandmother Anni, I also was told that I reminded about her. I have never seen a picture of her until now. This is her with one of her children Edla that unfortunately died young.

My mothers granmother Anni and her daughter Edla

My mom is born in a small village called Ullatti. She was one of 8 children growing up on the farm Nedergård. Ullatti, a village 5 mil east of Gellivare and approx 10 mil from the border of Finland. The village is beautifully situated on the slope of the mountain Särkivaara. Down in the valley, the river Ängesån flows past which is a nice river for fishing.

A little history about Ullatti. The oldest found indication of settlement in Ullatti is in 1680 when a man named Michel Grelsson settled down and built a farm. The name Ullatti is linked to the farm and the last name “Grelsson Ulat.” “It was told that Michael Grelson came from Tärendö, and that his family came from Finland.” But the papers at that time are hard to find. Where my mother’s family came from is still not clear.. so the story will continue.

Map of Ullatti

Image: Landsbygdsrådet Gellivare One thing is sure, back in the days stories were told...


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