A Pink Christmas.

We´re really inspired by the colour Honeysuckle from Pantone. Therefore we painted our bathroom at arctic trend almost that colour. We will post some before and after pictures as soon as we get the shelves and the artwork on the walls.

Since it’s almost Christmas we want to share some great christmas gift inspiration: birdcage, blanket, metal box from Bloominghome, Scented candle from Durance, Ceramic Santa from KatarinaK, The coral LED light from QisDesign, upcycled chair from Goupal.


2 thoughts on “A Pink Christmas.

  1. I love that honeysuckle color, too. So I ran right out to get some paint for my office desk. Rather than preparing for Christmas, as I should be doing, I will be pinkifying by desk this coming weekend. 🙂

  2. The colour turned out great in our bathroom here at work! We added some pink, blue and fushia in towels, candle and frames for artwork. Can’t wait to get the rest done and then we will post pictures. Good luck with your desk! olove to see some pictures. 🙂

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