Material updates and new technology

Interesting design mixed with new technology allows materials to become more versatile. These amazing concrete curtains designed by Doreen Westphal feels 100 % future. Who could imagine concrete lace curtains? Love the surprise effect as well as the high design luxury feel. The crochet tiles are lovely too and add an extra handmade feel to  a modern interior.

concrete lace by Doreen Westphal

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Images: Doreen Westphal

Short facts:

Concrete Lace, designed by Doreen Westphal, is made from ultra high performance concrete (fabricated by G.tecz) and different suspension materials like ribbon or 1mm steal cable.

Concrete Crochet Tiles designed by Doreen Westphal are made of ceramic concrete (by G.tecz) and capture a hand crafted inlay of traditional crochet. Source: Doreen Westphal


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