People watch: The founders of The Ranch Design Group.

Water Feature for the Hobbet Property by The Ranch Design Group

Once again we want to share with you rustic handmade tiles and lovely colour stories by The Ranch design Group. Today we want to share a little more about the founders behind this lovely design group. Featured is their latest work from the Hobbet property.

They both had successful, seemingly thriving careers in the fashion business and about a year and a half ago they found themselves laid-off-slash-fired at the same time.
They wanted to design and produce their own ideas for a change, so they created The Ranch. 

Their style is a rustic approach to the modern aesthetic. Darren is Japanese American and spent his early childhood with his grandparents in Hawaii. Leah is from the Southern East coast and considerably less exotic. She´s a constant student of other cultures and the arts, although Leah has no travel budget. It’s mostly through books and magazines. She likes to mix cultural themes that don’t normally go together, and like, their design process always includes at least one gigantic argument, -color is always a hot-button subject as well as art direction in general. Darren is responsible for that sense of old world modern you see in their work; huge monolithic-like geometry with interlocking joins, seemingly simple, surprising complex in function and mathematically perfect. His design philosophy has ancient influences, such as the Puma Punku ruins and the Kalasasaya Temple in Tiahuanaco Bolivia, while Leah´s shapes are always on the cutting edge of fashion. They both crystallize a project’s story through color, in-laid details, finish and abrasion. They like to understand the big picture and take into account all design influences before they begin a piece. Each piece they do is thoughtfully designed, and a handmade work of art that connects with it’s surroundings and the people in it.

We love their work! (Hopefully we can see it here in Lulea one day.)

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Enjoy! /a

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