Anna Angseryd designer of Patouf and her eight collection-a story of growing up

I love the fall winter 2011 collection from Patouf. Every collection has a designer behind it,  Anna Angseryd designer of Patouf is lovely, humble and romantic at heart. She is also very talented, motivated and stubborn. Often we forget about the people, the person behind a fashion label.

Patouf AW11

The colour scheme for the AW11 collection is bordeaux, light dim grey, soft beige, forest green, cream and black. And as previous seasons the fabrics are chosen with great care.

Some quick questions to Anna:

Anna Angseryd

What motivates you?

The main thing that motivates me in my work is my personal development, I love to learn new things and challenge myself. I am very restless and get very easily bored, which probably is a prerequisite for coping with my daily work.

What do you like?

The most fun thing that I like is to create new collections, especially selecting fabrics. I love fine fabrics and yarns, it is my passion. 

Favorite Music: Yelle, Blonde redhead, Robyn, Nina Simone, Sigur rós, The sundays, the libertines..

Film: Amélie 

Breakfast: Coffee, toast with cheese, scrambled eggs with HP sauce ( I eat that almost every day)

Role model: Coco Chanel

Favorite quote: I don’t know, but I have a favorite pep song since I started my business it is: Det går bra nu / Petter.

Anna used to spend a lot of time as a child with her grandfather in Poland. He loved the forest and used to hunt a lot. Here comes a story from Anna

Text from Patouf AW11 “Once, somewhere in a small town in eastern europe, when she was just a child, her grandfather took her to see the forest. In the blistering cold he took her hand and pointed at the starlit sky. He said: ‘Inside of you there is a sky, just like this. Everything that happens in your life leaves a mark on that sky. Every battle, every conquest. Sometimes new stars are born, shaped by the good things in your life. Though, from time to time stars will die, remember that even the hard times will contribute to the beauty of your sky. It makes some of the stars shine brighter and even though there will be some falling stars, remember that we make wishes upon them.’

And he continued: ‘Everything you do, everything you create, will bear a mark of your starlit sky.’

His voice, the warmth from his hand and the sound from the silent forest. A frozen moment, shaped into a star and together with all other things that weave a life, is forever marking the things she does.”  Patouf 

Enjoy! /a

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