Destination design and imagery

Interesting speakers, entrepreneurs, designers, photographers, architects will meet on 26th of May for destination design in Luleå.

Treehotel Photo: Fredrik Broman, Human Spectra

One of the speakers is Fredrik Broman, Photographer and visual strategist. He will be speaking about visual communication.

Fredrik Broman

Fredrik lives with his family in Lassbyn, Swedish Lapland.. He is a photographer with over 17 years experience and also founder and CEO and owner of Human Spectra Stock image library. He was born in 1971 in Överkalix. He has published the book “On the savannah” (Nature and Culture publishing 2002). His special area is mostly events, nature and adventure but also fashion and trend imagery. He sees East Africa as his second home where he once lived and worked.

Why is it important with visual strategy in destination development?
    -Because the visual imagery is important in any communication and especially in long-term communication. Images can help communicate a common thread. Images can also create a sensory experience for the viewer.
Visual strategies are ways to improve the
communication process by using supports that
can be seen.
Pictures speak louder than words.
What is imagery? A collection of images. that are used to create a sensory experience for the reader. Imagery are the elements in a literary work used to evoke mental images, not only for the visual sense, but of sensation and emotion.

Jeans: The Local Firm, knitted scarf Heart of Lovikka, Tunic cardigan The Local firm.

Can you say one thing that´s important with a picture?
    –To capture the viewer’s attention.
Something that we might not know about you?
    -I do prefer lingonberry before cloudberry.
If you want to know more about Imagery and destination development you can listen to Fredrik at Destination design on 26th of may 2011 in Luleå.
Enjoy! /a

Destinationsdesign; Dags att designa Norrbotten

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