Earth matters

Makeup: Camilla Wernberg arctic trend, Models Sandra & Josef

Wool coat akenberg design, Knitted hats Lapland Knits, knitted gloves Loops of wool, crochet scarf akenberg design, Tunic dress The Local firm, Jeans The Local firm, T-shirt The local firm, belt akenberg design, silk scarf akenberg design. Blanket Kalles bud Luleå.

Earth matters favours the greys, browns, orange, green, taupe, black and blue. This means that everyday objects get noticed in a new light, combined with up-cycling and re-design. this trend also welcomes a freer more inhibited approach to design and imagery.

We have moved beyond sustainability and embraces the new.

Forget tidiness and shiny polish, go for the new, rough and unexpected.

Enjoy! /a

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