Earth matters part 2

Color Focus:

Tangerine and olive is back bringing a welcome touch of earth. This springs palette is loaded with colors taken from natures spring palette. Both Tangerine and olive work on their own, but also great together. Both colors work well with our current search for nostalgia boost. Tangerine does work well with a lot of colors and often act as a sharp highlight, adding a nice impact and attention grabber. This spring we see tangerine in both interiors, accessories, clothes, cosmetics and makeup. Olive works well on its own in interiors. Olive which is a classic color, welcomes tradition, and is a interesting color when used on edgy designs to add balance.

Grey is elegant and strong and is making a strong presence maybe due to a reflection and reaction to the world and what is happening around us. We see it in paint, furnitures, bedrooms as well as cushions and pillows.

Sephia and taupe tones emphasises the vintage trend.

Photo: Fredrik Broman, Styling: arctic trend Makeup: arctic trend, Models: Sandra and Josef, arctic people

T-shirt The Local Firm, Jeans The Local Firm, Dress The Local Firm, knitted hats Lapland knits, knitted gloves Loops of wool, crochet scarf akenberg design, wool coat akenberg design, silk scarf akenberg design.  Enjoy! /a

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