To design and communicate destinations.

Yesterday I went to “Destinationsdesign” “Ge platsen liv med berättelser” A conference about design, storytelling and architecture, arranged by Centek, SVID and

Helena Jönsson was moderator during the conference and she wore clothes from local designers (Luleå).

Helena Jönsson, Centek and designarena Nord

above: akenberg design, limited by Garbage

The clothes were from Artclothes, Recover and akenberg design (limited by garbage). Speakers during the day were Erik Nissen Johansen Stylt Trampoli, Britta Jonsson-Lindvall Treehotel, Photographer Fredrik Broman Humanspectra, Gitta Wilén, Jan Andersson (näringslivschef) Åre, Tore Brännlund industrial designer Åre Designcentrum, Per Ritzler Nasjonale turistveger i Norge and Mats Öhman Architect MAF arkitektkontor AB.

Left to right: Jan Andersson ÅRE, Helena Jönsson, Tore Brännlund ÅRE Designcentrum

Per Ritzler Nasjonale turistveger i Norge

Above: One of many beautiful slides during Per Ritzler´s presentation about National touristroads in Norway. 100 % Architecture in nature. More about Nasjonale turistveger.

I left the day inspired and filled with hope. I have to admit once again that this part of Scandinavia is really trendy and hot. Trending words for this region: Genuine, true and authentic. The question is: How do we communicate that? What story do we tell about our region?

More about Designarena Nord and Destinationdesign.

All above photos taken with my Iphone.

Enjoy and hopefully I’ll see you next time in Norrbotten and Swedish Lapland! /a

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