Social commerce, do you influence your consumers?

Your consumers are listening to their friends and followers. Do you have fans, friends and followers that you listen to? For example when I need to purchase hens, horse manure or a new green house I might ask my friends & followers on twitter or Facebook. Last week that´s how I found horse manure.

Why is this relevant to a company? Because I rather trust my fiends and community than an ad. Consumption has always been social, because we are easily influenced by others around us. Take for example the explosive rise of the daily deal site Groupon, which used referrals from friends and colleagues to drive sales. Consumers are driven by excitement, curiosity, interaction and community. People are interested in what their friends and contacts think, do, eat, read, listen to, drive in, travel to and buy. Maybe that is why facebook is so popular? We care about experiencing similar things to what other people with similar interests like. With today’s technology it´s easier than ever for consumers to see exactly what their friends ‘Like’ around the web: check out, or LikeJournal. People reach out to their friends and contacts for a personalized feedback on their purchases. For example on facebook when one of your friends has purchased a product they write about the product in their status updates and friends start to give personal feedback.

Truth #1: Product recommendation are more trusted when it comes from family or friends.

Example: I love the greenhouse I bought the other day at XXX.. I can share this recommendation with my friends on facebook, lovethis, or easily share and compare this with the Iphone app. Scandit.

While out shopping you can snap a photo from your dressing room and share with your friends to get their immediate feedback. Or use the tweet mirror for a fast and fun shopping experience. 

I am not going to list all apps and programmes here today, but you get the point. It has nothing to do with bribing and forcing your friends to push the like button.

Social commerce: It is a social behaviour that do influence your consumers consumption.

Enjoy! /a

One thought on “Social commerce, do you influence your consumers?

  1. Lets take a look at the good and cad of it and how you can get along with your partners friends in just the right way ..The good .Getting along with your partners friends is good because there will be times that you all do things together and it would be awkward and uncomfortable if you did not get along. Also they are his or her friends and they mean a lot to them so it is important that you show that relationship some respect.

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