Worlds Greenest Cooling Solution

Luleå May 30, 2011

Update of the day:

Friginor, a Luleå based company, is investing on World’s Greenest Cooling Solution.
For cooling server rooms, Telecommunication, industrial and public buildings.

The Romans were the first to exploit geothermal energy for heating and baths. Then it was about heating houses and swimming pools.

With modern technology this new green cooling solution will keep server rooms, telecommunications and computer facilities cold.

The green cooling solution is developed within TeliaSonera by Svante Enlund that some time ago, established SEE Cooling. SEE Cooling just launched Worlds Greenest Cooling Solution, (World’s Greenest Refrigeration) together with Friginor.

Friginor, with its unique expertise and broad network in northern
Sweden is an ideal partner to SEE Cooling, a company with the skills and technology required.

The concept is well tested and has proven its performance in more than 200 installations over 15 years within TeliaSonera.  SEE Cooler is a third generation energy efficient cooling unit that allows 100 % free cooling up to about +15 C outside temperature.

Tomas Taveras, CEO of Friginor, believes that SEE Cooling is a natural Partners.
Friginor has been building cooling systems with focus on low energy costs for a long time.
He does not hesitate on the new green cooling solutions and its future prospects:
The strength of the concept is extremely energy-efficient cooling by use of geothermal energy / free cooling and deliver it to the lowest operating costs in the industry. World´s Greenest Cooling Solution generates very low CO2 emissions and outstanding total economy.

Geothermal Energy (from the Greek words geo, earth, thermos, heat) is
thermal energy that is stored in the Earth. Earth’s geothermal energy originates from the original formation of the planet, from radioactive decay of minerals, from volcanic activity, and from solar energy absorbed at the surface. Source: Wikipedia

Free cooling = take advantage of cooling from our surroundings: from the air, water or
the ground.

More about Friginor.

More about SEE Cooling

Enjoy! / a

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