2011 Update: Crinoline and tweed


This year, a friend of mine, Sarah Furstenberg founded, Crinoline & Tweed, in collaboration with Tes de Luna. I got to know Sarah when working with her at Levi Strauss & Co.  She was my boss, during the time that I was a CAD Designer. That means that I have known Sarah a while. She came and visited me and my family here in Sweden a couple of years ago.

Sarah Furstenberg and Tes de Luna, two Seattle boutique owners who wanted to expand their love of fashion and décor to bring creative flair to weddings and other momentous occasions. With their backgrounds in design, photography and fashion, they create invitations, tabletop and floral decor, and fashion styling to give your special day a cohesive theme from start to finish. I like their website which is great for inspiration.

Image source: Crinoline & Tweed

And a great help for you lucky Seattleites who can contact Crinoline and tweed to create your one of a kind event or wedding. Wish that I was closer. 🙂 All the best of luck!

Crinoline & Tweed link


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