Architectural update: On location in Oulu

Yesterday I was in Oulu, visiting the architectural office of Archeus. Oulu is beautifully located by the Ule River and Bothnian bay. Oulu is a city of 141,742 inhabitants in the region of Northern Ostrobothnia in Finland. It is the most populous city in Northern Finland and the sixth most populous city in the country. It is one of the northernmost larger cities in the world. Oulu has a subarctic climate with very cold, long and snowy winters and short, warm summers. Archeus office is located by the Ule river in a beautiful old school building, walls and floors as well as the school props were vintage. Roman rings, ropes, chalkboard as well as teachers pulpits were mixed with modern art from finnish artists Jaakko Mattila, Pekka Homanen and Veikko Törmänen.

It´s easy to spot when people love what they do, the result is always great. The total experience when I left Oulu yesterday was a head filled with new ideas, tons of inspiration and a warm heart.

I got a chance to meet artist Veikko Törmänen in person and see his exhibition with works like Meadow, Chess box, Wing Box I, Wedge 2010, Boxit. An experience worth more than any words can describe. Veikko has been working as an artist since 1975.

Veikko Johannes Törmänen (born June 7, 1945, Kuusamo) is a Finnish artist, who paints and makes graphic art. 

Törmänen paints abstract works and makes installations. He has collaborated with architects and has made many public works since 1979. His works combine various techniques and materials. Source: Wikipedia

Sanna Pääkkönen, architect MSc and Pave Mikkonen, architect MSc at Archeus guided me through their latest architectural projects as well as upcoming projects. I can assure you that things are really happening in Oulu. All the architectural projects that I visited varied in both design expression and use of materials. Designed specific for each buyer and without compromise. Interestingly, this ethos of client driven work means that it is hard to categorise the practise; a look at projects produces a collection of design solutions so varied they look like they couldn’t possibly have come from the same firm. To constantly reinvent themselves every time must be a challenge, but for Sanna and Pave this seems to be a normal state of mind. It was a fresh impression to see different projects designed to fit both location and the buyers personal lifestyle. The innate understanding of the power of colour and texture, an element so often lacking from a lot of architectural work. This combined with understanding natural light specific to these latitudes – 65 degrees north.

The Graafinen Talo, Talot B&V, Talo virran varrella, Talo Linnea and Talo Kolme Puuta in real life was a true inspiration.

Below: Talo Kolme Puuta.

Talo Kolme Puuta
Yksityistalo Oulussa.
269 + 28 m²
arkkitehti- ja pääsuunnittelu, sisustussuunnittelu

Julkaistu: ARK 3/2007, Koti ja Keittiö 11/2008.

House with three trees
Private house in Oulu.
269 ​​+ 28 m²
architecture and main design, interior design: Archeus Oy
Published: ARK 3 / 2007, Home & Kitchen 11/2008.

Image Source:

below: Alueet

Toppilansalmen kortteleiden 78 ja 79 korttelisuunnitelmat
Esisuunnitelma asemakaavan pohjaksi, Oulu.
50 000 m²
kaavoitus, hankesuunnittelu, arkkitehtisuunnittelu

Preliminary design development plan as a basis, Oulu, Finland.
50 000 m²
planning, project planning, architectural design: Archeus Oy

Image source: Project: Alueet

Map link

Keywords: Innovation, Reinvention, Honest, Habitat, Serene, Balanced & Beautiful.

Archeus Oy Link

Enjoy! /a

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