Fashion, Future and Space

Futurism à la Ulrika Sandström.

Ulrika Sandström graduated from Tillskärarakademien and Beckman’s College of Design in Stockholm. After working with designer Russell Sage in London and several years as a freelance designer and stylist, she presented her first own collection in 2003. Inspired by music which is a big part of her life. For A/W 2011 the inspiration is taken from the song Silver Soul by Beach House.

We gather medicine for heartache
So we can act a fool
It´s incomplete without you
The silver soul is running through
It´s a vision
Complete illusion, yeah
The title for Ulrika Sandström A/W 2011 collection is Silver Soul after the Beach House song with the same 
The A/W 2011 collection is modern, sporty and consists exclusively of black and various shades of blue with 
accents of silver, lime green, hot pink and black / white large polka-dot pattern. 
Our personal favorites here at arctic trend are the Shimmer dress, Sparkle shirt, Satellite dress, rocket jeans 
and Sputnik dress.

Sputnik dress by Ulrika Sandström 2299 SEK

Sparkle Shirt + Rocket jeans by Ulrika Sandström Sparkle shirt 1999 SEK Rocket jeans 1799 SEK

Shimmer dress by Ulrika Sandström 1899 SEK

Satellite dress by Ulrika Sandström 2299 SEK

Press information Spalt PR 
For more information UlrikaSandstrom


Enjoy! /a

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