Re-inventing talks again…

Re-do, re-design and re-invent is a great way to stay true to being updated and reinventing old ideas into new. I have to agree that there is always time to re-invent! Today it is time to re-invent talks…

No presentations

No schedule

No expensive tickets

It might be time for a brand new twist on the TED model.. I know that some of you might be a first visitor to one of the viral success of online TED Talks, as well as the spin-off of smaller TED-X conferences that was launched in 1984. The conference’s original founder, Richard Saul Wurman, is working on a new creation that radically overhauls the formula used by TED.

Wurman, who is no longer affiliated with TED, recently announced plans for his new WWW.WWW conference, slated to debut in Fall of 2012. More..

via Fascodedesign.

Enjoy! / a

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