SLOW ART by Swedish Artist Kerstin Hedström

Artist Kerstin Hedström – Part 1.

Photo: Emil Larsson, arctic trend

Short facts:
Born in Harads, Living in Luleå. Artist studio at Kulturakuten, Luleå
Education: Bergs School of Communication Studies: Graphic Design
Next exhibition: Fall 2012.
Holds regular courses in concrete. Next two courses are held in October 2011.

“I am a slow person, slow in thought, expression and emotion. This is also reflected in my art – I work with slow-art.
With my work I hope to create meditative places and environments that give room for rest, consideration and contemplation.” -Kerstin Hedström

We met Kerstin at her artist studio at “Kulturakuten” in Luleå where she share workspace with artists, journalists, poets, sculptors, writers, photographers, media producers and directors.

After a nice cup of coffee and a friendly chat we found Kerstin to be far from slow in though, expression and emotion. She gave us a tour through her workspace and her work in progress, her thoughts and drawings for “Raketskolan” in Kiruna and the “Spegla Gnosjöandan i ett konstverk”.

Kerstin Hedström in her studio

Work in progress “Spegla Gnosjöandan i ett konstverk” Kerstin Hedström

Materials that break and reflect light are often inspiration to her artwork and her projects.

We were curious to find out how she manage to collect thousands of used optical glasses.

Kerstin collects optical lenses from organisations like Vision for all (VFA): A non-profit organization that wishes to awake the interests and consciousness of people in general, and Optometrists/Opticians in Sweden and around the world in particular. They collect used eyeglasses which are checked and measured before sent out to people in need. The eyeglasses that doesn’t pass the test and are in poor condition are examples of the ones ending up in Kerstin’s artwork.

She also collect used eyeglasses from eyeglass factories that are cut wrong or faulty.

She collects materials for her artwork, like used CD’s, used optical eyeglasses, textiles, stoplight, used copy machine parts, pencils. What can be trash for one person can be recycled and found parts of Kerstin’s many art installations. Patience and time is needed since collecting parts takes time; she has been collecting used pencils for the last 5 years.

Cardboard Box #15 filled with used pens.

Used pencils parts.

Used optical eyeglasses by Kerstin Hedström

People can inspire us the same way places can. I feel inspired by Kerstin, her studio and her art.

If you are interested in being part of her next artworks you can donate used pens, all kinds of pens are welcome. Please contact Kerstin Hedtröm or leave them at the reception, Konsthallen at Kulturens Hus, Luleå.

A fun way of recycling and a great way of up-cycling.

Kerstin Hedström

Kerstin Hedström “Livstycken”


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About Kulturakuten

Enjoy! /a

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