How to: Apply a fall makeup 2011

We will show you how to apply a great fall makeup step by step.

New shades for the look: Showgirl.

1. Start with pen Awesome performance and apply on eyelid. smooth out edge with brush.

2. Apply shade metallic plum on eyelid all the way up above crease.

3. Apply shade Rising sun.

4. Apply shade Varieté at outer eyelid.

Above: Brushes/ upper right: Sport foundation

Tips: Use real hair brush for shades.

5. Apply Shade Backstage to smooth edges.

6. Apply Awesome performance below eye.

7. Apply Nightclub at eye´s waterline  (upper and lower waterline)

8. Apply black matt + Blue Varieté at waterline

10. Apply mascara Multi lash. (Make Up Store multi lash containing fibers to both build on the rampage thickness and simultaneously extend it. So it is a combination of mascara – volume and length in a mascara)

11. Foundation: Mix Sport foundation with mineral powder and apply to face.

12. Here is a picture to illustrate how different colours can be applied to hide red, blue or lighten up areas in your face.

13. Apply blush and shading

14. Apply Tri brow to eyebrow

15. Apply your lippencil to your lips In the flashlight (cover your whole lip leave an area at lower lip.) Apply lip gloss Lily.

16. Apply glitter on eyes. lilac at upper eyelid. blue at lower lash line + Mixing liquid.

(Use tape to remove unwanted glitter.)

You´re ready!


Enjoy! /a

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