Do You have a curated wardrobe?

As I look into my wardrobe at home I feel an urge to remove more and more items that are excess. Items that does not belong or fit my personal style.

I have dreamt about having wardrobe basics consisting of 10 pieces, that can be combined. We are doing a first step towards that dream in the next Autumn Winter collection 2012 “the relaunch of akenberg design.”

With a curated closet the pieces, both high quality or low-cost, all work, often together. It’s easier to dress. Looking stylish becomes easier. Why is style so important then? As I see it, having a personal style in fashion is an extension of your personality. We wear the pieces we believe represent not only who we are, but who we aspire to be.

First steps:

Find your personal style.

Don’t go for the fast fashion.

Focus on high quality items as a wardrobe base.

Clean up your wardrobe, remove all the excess.


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Enjoy! /a

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