POP UP STORE + Make Up Store, Luleå

POP UP STORE teamed up with Make Up Store, Luleå at their last evening event. Here are some pictures from the evening with focus on Luxury.

As you probably already have noticed during the recent year, POP UP STORE has been the latest trend in retailing: shops that open for a few days in a major city or a mall—and then are gone. These days, retailers are adopting the concept of a pop-up store with passion. A pop-up store opens up at an empty retail location for a few days in a major city, or a mall, with great fanfare. And then, poof! It’s gone. What is this really about? For us (arctic trend and Humbleheart) it was merely a way to create a buzz for great designers brands, have fun and do something together. And it has been a great way to explore new shopping experiences for our customers. Therefore we have been mixing art exhibits, new music artist, designer brands, new “not yet known” designers with high quality vintage. This time we paired up with Make Up store.

Enjoy! /a

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