Design Update: Handmade concrete design from northern Sweden.

I met Leo Filson in Luleå, and he told me about his concrete designs. Since concrete, design and people’s stories always catches my attention, I immediately wanted to know more.

The past 3 and a half years, Leo has been living in Luleå with his wife and children. The move from London to Luleå happened, when his wife was offered a job here. For the last couple of years Leo has been busy remodeling the house they bought. I found both Leos design and his story very interesting. Here is the short version.

His dad, Arthur Filson moved to Liverpool from Australia to work on the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, designed by Giles Frederick Gibberd. Arthur developed the composites (Composite materials, often shortened to composites) that is holding the 1″ (3 cm) thick stained glass together. The pieces of glass being bonded in concrete frames. There is a lot of stained glass at the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral. The Cathedral Construction began in 1962, and took five years to be completed. Leo was born in Liverpool 1964. The Cathedral is built of concrete.

On the other hand, Leo´s grandma “Rickety Kate” Filson was a known poet/writer in Australia. “Rickety Kate” was the descriptive name of Minnie Agnes Filson, who was featured widely in the Australian media. The assumed name was a reflection of her severe rheumatoid arthritis, which left her completely crippled and immobilized. She could only use one finger while writing her poetry, one letter at a time.

Today, Leo is designing concrete kitchens, countertops and designs with inspiration in the arctic.

Above: Leo busy in his workshop, building a clients kitchen.

Leo have developed his own arctic aesthetic and looking forward to bringing out some of his unique furniture in the coming year.

Photos: Graham Richardson

To contact LEO @

Enjoy! /a

For you who wants to know more about Luleå, my hometown for arctic trend. LULEÅ 

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