Warm and heated concrete bench by Leo Concrete Design

Leo Concrete Design

Leo Filson has made a new innovative concrete bench. The concrete bench is heated and warm to sit on.  A perfect place to dry wet gloves and shoes. The innovative, heated bench is designed in a natural concrete colour to fit a hall, entrance or public space. It connects to your home underfloor heating system or radiator.

Leo Concrete Design

The concrete bench has a natural finish.

Heated concrete bench

The whole bench is heated  with the help of heated water, the pipes connects directly to the concrete bench.

Leo Concrete Design.

Leo Filson

Leo in front of London underground map, where he and his family used to live before moving to Luleå, Sweden.

Short facts:

Total weight 100 kg.

Measurements: 120X30X45 cm

You could also have the bench custom-made.

Colours: natural, dark grey or red.

To order or price inquiry contact: Leo Filson, Leo Concrete Design. leoconcreteab@gmail.com

Enjoy! /a

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